Our LiveWell Story

We deliver excellent taste without compromising on calories and chemicals. We live up to our name LiveWell by striving for sustainability wherever possible: washing our salads with a biodegradable and organic solution, installing solar panels on our farms, and using fuel from bio-burners for power. We collect roof water for our sub-secondary cleaning and compost peeling waste in worm bins. These are practises that we have been following for years, and will continue to expand on. Maybe, some-day we will start a goat farm to use all the leftover peeling waste. Our ideas to help the environment will never end.

We deliver excellent products without compromising on sustainability.

Our sustainability measures can make products slightly more expensive, but that cost is nothing in comparison to the environmental cost of unsustainable farming. Visit our website to give us feedback on how we can improve our product and lessen our impact on the environment. We hope you will join us on our mission to LiveWell. Enjoy!

Our Mission

Is simple: Live Well & Eat Right.

Our Vission

We are convinced that we can provide healthy foods which are low in caloric intake and taste wonderful, meanwhile by doing so we take care of the environment and our communities:

Supporting Facts:
  • We maximised roof top solar power and implement bio burners in all of our operations (2021).
  • We replace standard utility water with roof top water where possible (2016 – and on-going).
  • We use modern technologies to recycle & to re-use our run off water, if any! (Since 2015).
  • For our triple washed Ready To Eat Products we use biodegradable natural cleaning agents (since 2012).
  • We are evangelist that biodegradable packing material cost way less “on the long run” (never ending, but hard from a price point of view).
  • We relentlessly strive to have a “zero waste” policy. Therefore we create soups, croutons, snacks and the like from our “not so beautiful products” (started 2019 and upcoming in a store near to you).
  • All our products will have a clear sign or marking of caloric intake per pack and not per serving (started in 2021).
  • Follow us on social media and challenge us to do better… (


  • Live Well Sdn Bhd are to achieve customer satisfaction through chilled mushrooms and salad by procuring and controlling the raw material, growing, harvesting, packing, storage, distribution of products until customer consumption. The Management is committed to improvise, maintain, and enhance food safety measures.
  • Live Well Sdn Bhd shall also continually improve the operations through adopting the Good Manufacturing Practices. We shall also adhere to the requirements of HACCP standard.
  • Live Well Sdn Bhd employees shall commit to monitor and review the actual performance of established safety objectives within their accountable functions and initiate timely action should the actual performance deviate or are out of the set objectives.
  • Live Well Sdn Bhd shall further abide to the legislation, regulation and relevant standard codes related to food safety.

This policy shall be kept at strategic locations and frequent awareness briefings shall be held from time to time.


We at Champ Fungi Groups are dedicated to grow/manufacture/produce safe 100% high quality food products as per the customers’ requirements and to engage in continuous efforts towards improvement of our products, systems, organizational capabilities and skills to become a most prestigious vendor of products at the national and international level.