Farming Technologies

Hydrophonic Farming

The advantage of hydroponic is it is a very consistent production method, the farming is done under covered greenhouses and the crops are fed with nutrients via “closed “water feeding system promoting a much more e.fficient use of water resource. It save growing time and considered as a safe clean farming. A few of our contract farms are already being certified as GAP farms and we are working with the remaining to have them accredited as well.

Organic Farming

Back to basics organic movement is growing as consumers are concerned with the side effects of agri-chemicals can do to their bodies. We are putting an effort to grow the number of farms and the varieties. Organic consumers swear by superior and natural taste of these produce and we want to help our small rural farmers grow with us. We also want to be the first processor to put certified ready to eat organic salad in the market, reducing the need to import from countries far away, helping to reduce carbon foot-print and make our earth a better place to live.